Family Camp

The AAIS Committee Board and AAIS Women’s Committee organise an annual Family Summer Camp for members of our community.
The AAIS Family Summer Camp brings the community together in an outdoor environment and provides many sporting activities, as well as recreational events for all ages of our community.
The AAIS Family Summer Camp provides an opportunity for members of our community to socialise with one another, while also allowing families to spend time together during school holidays.
The event is conducted within Islamic guidelines.
The planning and organising for this camp is all done on a voluntary basis by members of the AAIS Committee Board and the AAIS Women’s Committee.




The Committee of the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) also organises an annual PICNIC for its Financial Members.

In 1997, the ‘Albanian Olympics’ was first held for members of all ages and the event continues to be held to this day.

Clean-up Australia

The AAIS actively participates in Clean-up Australia day by organising its very own Clean-up Team for the day. The AAIS Clean-up Team is made up of both AAIS members and neighbours who live close to the Albanian Mosque. This initiative has provided members of the AAIS to meet with neighbours of the AAIS and also work along side members of the general public.

The starting point for this event is the Albanian Mosque. The AAIS Board and Women’s Committee organise gloves & rubbish bags with the local Council for the day. Invitation letters are also dropped off by hand to over one hundred neighbours that live in close proximity to the Albanian Mosque.

Again, the work conducted to organise this event is performed on a voluntary basis by both the AAIS Committee Board and AAIS Women’s Committee.



Plant a Tree Day

The Women’s Committee of the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) first organised a group of AAIS members and their children, who attended the AAIS Sunday Islamic Classes, to partake in the National Australia Plant a Tree Day event in 2008.

Of course, this event is held during Melbourne’s winter season, so members of the AAIS dress up in warm clothing and take their part in help keeping our environment green.



Unity Cup

In 2008, the Committee Board of the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) worked in conjunction with a number of other community groups and Government departments.

Over 3,000 people attended the very first Unity Cup event, which was held at Essendon Football Club’s home ground – Windy Hill.



The Night Journey (Isra & Mi’raj)

In commemoration of the Prophet’s (PBUH) night journey and rise to the heavens (Isra & Mi’raj), the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) organises a special event for members and their families.

The event includes the recitation of poems in both English and Albanian, Nasheeds, as well as an enchanting presentation by the Imam of the Albanian Mosque that provides an enchanting and captivating account of the Prophet’s miraculous journey to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on the noble Buraq and his subsequent ascension through the heavens.


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Kids Sleepover

In July 2009, the AAIS Women’s Committee organised the very first AAIS KIDS SLEEPOVER. This event, which is tailored for the younger children in our community, is now hosted by the AAIS every year.

Each year, the children (and their mums) are provided with both dinner and breakfast; while also enjoying a movie, games and activities, bedtime story and prayers between eating times.

Charity Run

In 2009, the AAIS Committee Board and AAIS Women’s Committee organised a team to represent the AAIS at the CHARITY RUN – KIDS CANCER TRUST.

Although this was the first time the AAIS took part in this event, the AAIS still managed to raise a little over $1,800 in donations towards this event.

The time and work conducted to promote and organise a team was all performed on a voluntary basis.



Hajj Seminar

In 2010, the Committee Board of the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) introduced a one day seminar titled ‘GETTING THE BEST OUT OF HAJJ’ for AAIS members.

This event, which is opened to both men and women in our community, is tailored for AAIS members that have made their intention to perform their pilgrimage (Hajj).

The Hajj Seminar is a free service provided to all members of our community.


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Bayram Family Dinner Function

The AAIS Committee Board organise an annual Family Dinner Fuction to mark the end of Ramadan.

AAIS students from the AAIS Islamic Classes perform Islamic Nasheeds, Poems and plays in both Albanain and English.