In 1997, the Committee Board of the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) subscribed to an Australian Islamic community newspaper titled ‘Muslim News’. The ‘Muslim News’, which was published in New South Wales (NSW), was posted to the homes of all AAIS financial members every month.

AAIS financial members continued to receive the ‘Muslim News’ from 1997 to 1998, however after approximately twelve (12) months of being in circulation, publications of the ‘Muslim News’ suddenly ceased being published.

Shortly after the closure of the ‘Muslim News’ community newspaper, the AAIS Committee Board unanimously approved a proposal for the publication of its own member newsletter. The new AAIS Member Newsletter, which would be tailored for AAIS financial members, was named ‘The Light of Islam – Drita Islame’.

It was determined by the AAIS’s Board, that, unlike the ‘Muslim News’, the AAIS’s newsletter would underpin the AIMS and OBJECTIVES of the AAIS, as outlined in the AAIS Articles of Association, so that information published in the AAIS Newsletter’s would deliver the following:

  • Educational Material on Islam (according to the Hanafi school of thought)
  • Educational Material on the Albanian Language, Culture and Traditions.

Further to the above, the AAIS Member Newsletter would also promote community activities, events and educational programs, which are offered by the AAIS to its financial members (and the broader community), as well as historical and cultural information on Albanians; while also publishing current news from both the Albanian lands and Australia that may be of interest or directly impact the AAIS and its financial members.

The first edition of the AAIS Member Newsletter was published in 1999. Unfortunately, due to a lack of human resources at the time, the first few years of publications were somewhat periodic. However, since 2005, the AAIS has managed to deliver ‘The Light of Islam – Drita Islame’ to the homes of all AAIS financial members on a quarterly basis. This was only achieved through the regular support and contributions made by members of the AAIS Board and AAIS Women’s Committee, as well as AAIS financial members and friends of the AAIS in Australia and abroad.

Vahid Goga