In early 2012, just prior to the completion of the AAIS ’Renovation and Building Project’, a formal discussion was held by the AAIS Committee regarding the initiation of a new project that would better position the AAIS in achieving its mission in coming years, primarily with the next generation of AAIS members (Albanian Muslims) growing up in Australia, while also providing new member services to present-day AAIS financial members and their families.


During the discussion, the notion of establishing a ‘Youth Centre’ for the Society was tabled. The concept of such a facility, which would provide Social, Recreational and Educational services in a safe and healthy environment, was welcomed by the majority of Committee Board members. The Committee Board deemed that the Youth Centre would help achieve the following objectives:

Preserve the Albanian Muslim identity, particularly with the next generation of Albanian Muslims growing up in Australia.

Further secure the future of the Society as an endowment (Wakuf).

The motion was passed by the AAIS Committee on the provision that AAIS members be informed of the AAIS Committee Board’s intention to initiate the Youth Centre project at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to also seek their support for the AAIS Committee Board to undertake preliminary steps in acquiring a Youth Centre for the Society.


At the adjourned AGM, which was held on Sunday 16th September 2012, the Committee Board formally presented AAIS financial members with the notion of acquiring and establishing a Youth Centre. The members overwhelmingly endorsed the motion for the AAIS Committee to begin preliminary steps in acquiring a Youth Centre for the Albanian Australian Islamic Society.


After an extensive four month search for a suitable facility, a promising site was identified, which the Committee Board believed to be ideal and well suited site to accommodate the desired Youth Centre.

A subsequent meeting was organised on Sunday 3rd March 2013, which all financial members were invited to attend, and discuss the potential purchase of the property for the establishment of an AAIS Youth Centre. It was at this meeting, which was attended by ninety-nine (99) financial members, that a unanimous show of support and pledges of $163,500 were received on the day towards the purchase and establishment of the Youth Centre.

The aforementioned show of support by financial members towards this initiative allowed the Committee Board to move forward with the purchase of the property.

The new building was purchased for $760,000. Settlement for the purchase was negotiated at 90 days.

After more than three months of extensive work to complete the AAIS Youth Centre, the Committee Board officially opened its doors to all AAIS financial members and their families on Saturday 28th December 2013.


To date, the AAIS Youth Centre is serving its purpose with AAIS financial members and their families regularly visiting the new facility on a weekly basis.

The Committee Board is calling on donations from all financial members to assist in completing this purchase. All donations can be made by cheque, EFT or in person via any member of the AAIS Committee Board.

Please refer to the link provided at the bottom of this page (i.e. Concept Document – AAIS Youth Centre) for further information.

Insha-Allah, your contribution will be a good deed that will earn you and your family ongoing reward from Allah (swt). Ameen.

Vahid Goga