2022 Umrah Information Session

On Friday 18 February 2022, the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) hosted OurWorld Travel's Abu Muneer Ismail Davids who delivered an information session regarding the Umrah (Minor Pilgrimage to Makkah) at the AAIS Youth Centre.
Brother Ismail, who is leading our members attending the 2022 AAIS Umrah tour, delivered an inspiring and motivating presentation that highlighted the importance and benefits of going on the amazing spiritual journey to Medina and Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

On behalf of the AAIS, we thank the knowledgeable author Abu Muneer Ismail Davids for providing an informative and inspiring talk about the Umrah experience.

May Allah swt accept his efforts, bless their journey and accept their worship during Umrah.
AAIS Committee