Unity Cup 2008

The Executive Committee of the Albanian Australian Islamic Society (AAIS) was proud to actively take part in organising the very first ‘Unity Cup‘ event at Essendon Football Club (Windy Hill) on Sunday 13th April 2008.

There were over three thousand people from a range of backgrounds that attended the event including AAIS Committee members and other member families.

The family day out was a great success with broad community and business support for the event.

One of the many features of the day was an Australian Rules football game played between a Muslim youth team and a team made up of AFP members and former Essendon players. In addition, the event comprised live and cultural entertainment, a police expo, various children’s activities and a free BBQ lunch.

There were many high profile supporters that attended the day, including Peter Jackson (Essendon Football Club – CEO), Mick Keelty (AFP Commissioner) and George Lekakis (Victorian Multicultural Commissioner).

After the event, the AAIS was presented with a special plaque in recognition of the work performed to assist in organising the Unity Cup.

The AAIS Committee Board would like to also give a special thank you to member of our community that help organise the day, as well as those families that made the trip to Windy Hill and participated in the event.



Kёshilli i Shoqatё Islamike Shqiptare Australiane (AAIS) me plotё kёnaqёsi mori pjesё nё njё turnir ndёrkombёtar nё Klubin Futbolistik tё Esendonit (Windy Hill) tё Dielёn me 13 Prill 2008.

Kёtu morrёn pjesё diku rrethё tre mijё njerёz me prejardhje tё krahinave tё ndryshme duke marrё parasysh edhe pjesёmarrjen e Shoqatёs AAIS.

Suksesi i kёsaj ditё familjare ishte pjesmarrja ndajё mbarё komuniteteve si dhe bizneseve tё ndryshme rrethё kёsaj ngjarje.

Njё ndёr karakteristikat e ditёs ishin edhe rregullat e futbollit Australian mesё rinisё muslimane, antarve tё Policis Federative Australiane (AFP) si dhe ishё-lojtarёt e Klubit Fudbolistik tё Esendonit.

Gjatё ditёs u zhvilluan disa aktivitete kulturore, ekspozita tё policis, lojёra pёr fёmijё si dhe BBQ pёr drekё.

Gjatё ditёs morёn pjesё edhe disa figura tё njohura; duke cekur Peter Jackson (Kryetar i klubit futbolistik tё Esendonit), Mick Keelty (Komisioner i AFP-sё) dhe George Lekakis (Komisioner

multiculturor i Viktoris).

Nё pёrfundim, Shoqёria AAIS u prezentua me njё dhuratё pёr pjesёmarrjen si dhe punёn kushtuar organizimit tё kuadrit ndёrkombёtar.

Kёshilli i Shoqёris shperhё rastin tё faliminderoj tёgjith antarёt qё morёn pjesё gjatё organizimit, si dhe familjeve gjatё udhёtimit pёr nё Windy Hill.